Complete Cyber Security at Sea

We provide Cyber Security Coverage for protecting Yacht’s IT & operational assets while assuring their readiness for  regulatory inspections.

Our yachts Cyber Security Suite

Cydome is the independent provider of the hightest level of cybersecurity at sea, bringing a ship-wide protection approach. Its in-house built, tired-and-tested software is deployed on a wide range of yachts, providing them with ongoing IT and OT security.

Remote Monitoring

Real time from shore monitoring

On Board The Yacht

Onboard Real Time Response

 Our protection spectrum


Know your assets onboard
(crew, passengers, owners)


Continuous monitoring on network
usability by crew and passengers

Real Time

Built to safeguard your critical assets from maritime cyber piracy. Real time detection and alerting from any unauthorized access.

Our compliance wizard

Automated Compliance

Automated mapping and vulnerabilities scanning based on NIST controls- Cost efficient assessment procedure

Ready for inspection

Real time display of cyber security status on board - easy demonstration for inspectors

Reports per regulatory requirement

Enhancing readiness to adhere to maritime cyber regulatory requirements under one platform.

We are dedicated to protect Yachts and mitigate Mitigate cruise security

Cydome Benefits

Advanced search of Cyber Threats

Cydome, unlike any other maritime company, is invested in continuous innovation, with a large part of revenue going into R&D to crack down on any future threats. 

Designed around Yachts Challenges.

Our solution was designed to adapt to the protection of yachts against maritime cyber threats.


Easy to Use and demonstrate compliance.

Our solution helps both yacht managers/opetators and crew onboard to easily use and demonstrate inspectors compliance and better cross all such maritime cyber regulatory straits.



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