Cydome has devoted a unique ship wide approach and has developed a group of solutions for the maritime industry.
As part of its dedicated research of the maritime challenges it has devoted a specialized solution for yachts.

Cydome is the independent provider of the highest level of cybersecurity at sea, bringing a ship-wide protection approach. Its in-house built, tried-and-tested software is deployed on a wide range of ships, providing them with ongoing IT and OT security.

Our team consists the protection of maritime and cyber security professionals, ex-naval officers, Big Data, Data Privacy and Cyber Security experts, who have joined forces to address the unique challenges of cybersecurity at sea.

Our experts speak fluent maritime and work side by side with our customers to personalize the right cyber security plan to its specific needs and make sure they cross all such regulatory straits.

Our research and development focused on mitigating all such cyber risks and include a wide spectrum of cyber security coverage for protecting all such critical assets: IT, OT, and IoT. Legacy and modern. Our solution continues to monitor the assets’ behavior, identifying any irregularity that might harm daily routine, alerting on immediate risks. And we conduct automated, built-in cybersecurity checkups, validating ongoing compliance with maritime regulations. Implementation: no hassle required.

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